author picI have lived around the military my entire life. I was born in a military hospital, joined the military myself after school, then married a military man shortly before I got out. Once he retired, we have lived in the same place for almost the entirety of our kids' lives. They have no idea what they have missed out on by not moving every 3-4 years while growing up.

I haven't been writing forever - it just seems like it. I started writing *mumble* years ago in Jr Hi. I started reading my Mom's romance novels at about the same time. I'm dating myself by telling you we were Barbara Cartland addicts back then and I've never gotten away from those type of romances - the sickeningly sweet and innocent girl and the jaded rake. Corny - yeah, but I still love 'em. What I write is a lot like that - with an occasional nod to reality.

I love to read. Despite what I like to write, I will read almost anything although I prefer historical romances. Romances give me a chance to escape the everyday world. There's nothing like curling up on the couch with a book and losing oneself in the past or another world for a few hours.

I am a committed Christian and very actively involved in my church. I have slowed down recently and now only lead the Youth Group and sit on a couple of committees.

I also love to sew, craft, and machine embroider.

And, oh yeah, I work full time - at a job that I LOVE.


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